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The nettle, to a wild garden




Unloved, unfamiliar, nettle has many virtues:






In the form of fermented extract, it enriches the soil and strengthens crops.

As if worried about its success, driven by the great wave of organic farming, the public authorities decided to regulate the use of "nettle manure", supported by legislation.

A veritable "nettle war", emblematic struggle against the commodification of living organisms, is launched.

Nettle has become a symbol of freedom and distrust in the face of agrochemicals lobbies. It questions our relationship with wild nature, and invites us to a harmonious relationship with biodiversity.

Scientists, farmers and landscapers make us rediscover it from the Pyrenean slopes to the Australian river forests, passing through the alleys of Versailles castle or the laboratories of the Kew Gardens in London.


Speech of Mr de CONTI François at 5min 15sec (english subtitles available)

















































JT FR3 - Les Poulets Eoliens




















































Expédition au Spitsberg
















































Intervention du Père Pédro




































































This wine is one of the three best reds of the South West selected by Mr Andréas LARSSON
(Best sommelier in the world 2007),



"ROUGE" to which Mr. Larsson gave a star, and made him classify this wine in the category:
"I also liked"





The text below reproduces the impressions of Mr. LARSSON's tasting session:


Mr Larsson will taste this wine throughout the year, and will keep you informed of its evolution.
The colour of this wine is strongly coloured. It has aromas of good complexity, scents of red plums and blackcurrant.
A few touches of leather, a good balance on the palate, refreshing tannins. A long finish completes this tasting.

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