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Our experience:
Maryvonne and François de Conti (maried, 3 children)

We acquired the property in 1999.
We left Reunion Island where we spent 11 years. François worked there as an agricultural technician, then as a manager in an ostrich and emus farm.


We came to the Dordogne to get closer to the family.

The desire to create our own company has been the main driving force behind our move. To be masters of our destiny and to be able to apply our choices, whether technical or philosophical, in a word to give a meaning to our life.


We are very committed to nature conservation, which is why we have been in natural biological control since 2011.

We waited 11 years before finally taking the step because we wanted to have all the cards of success in hand.


François :

1978 - 1982 /   Family farm helper and farm labourer
                        Operation and maintenance of all types of equipment
                        Agricultural Land Management
1982 - 1984 /   Instructor ULM at Rion des Landes Airfield (40)
                        I opened one of the very first "ULM schools" in Aquitaine.
1984 /              Pilot for the polar expedition "Spitsberg 84".
                        We approached the North Pole 500 km away. The promiscuity of 8 men for 4 months on a 17-metre boat was an extraordinary human                                experience.

1985 - 1986 /   Agricultural worker in Labouheyre (40)
                        Responsible for maintaining 250 ha of corn. Management of irrigation networks (pivots, integral cover, drip irrigation and reels)
1989 /              CFPPA Toulouse Auzeville
                        BTS Plant Productions
                        BTA Graduate studies in adult education
1989 - 1992 /   Chamber of Agriculture in Reunion Island
                        Agricultural technician specialized in irrigation
                        Manager of the Agricultural Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Department
                        Head of Tourism Department

1992 - 1999 /   SCEA FAR Saint-Leu in Reunion Island
                        Chief Operating Officer
                        Ostrich and emus rearing is set up and monitored:
                        Monitoring of breeding stock, incubation, juvenile breeding, fattening
                        Creation and implementation of a farm-type diet with the support of a veterinary student in her final year of study
                        (a thesis crowned this work)
                        Slaughter and cutting
1999 - until today /  EARL de Conti in Thénac
                                Farmer / Winegrower / Researcher


Maryvonne :

1978 - 1980 /   Skilled Worker
                        Manufacture of military clothing
1980 - 1982 /   Workshop Manager
                        Personnel manager (15 workers)
                        Quality and orders manager
1994 - 1999 /   Hostess
                        Responsible for reception, order management, etc...
1999 - until today / EARL de Conti in Thénac
                              Operating Partner


Community Activities:

We participated in 4 humanitarian operations.
1990 / Purchase of 40 hectares of land in Madagascar (Maintirano) which were handed over to the Catholic mission to enable the poorest people to have             work and receive training.
1992 - 1998 / Participation in the AKAMASOA Association of Father Pedro Opeka.


1/ Manufacture of greenhouses with local resources
2/ Supply of a drinking water network by spring catchment
3/ Organisation of fund-raising support events
4/ Setting up of the first website dedicated to Father Pedro


Other diplomas:
Autonomous diver certification
ULM Instructor Diploma
Passenger Aircraft Pilot Certification

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