About us

Jorge MESQUITA became the owner at the beginning of 2022 of a 27-hectare vineyard, which has been organic since 2009, in the commune of Monestier (Dordogne), a few kilometers from Bergerac.

He comes from a long line of winemakers from the Douro Valley in Portugal, the birthplace of a prestigious wine and the first appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) in the history of wine, established in 1756: Port wine. But beyond his roots, Jorge is realizing his passion for a profession that has always attracted him. An epicurean, a nature lover, hardworking, and persistent, he is settling in a part of Dordogne where the terroir will allow him to fulfill his project, accompanied by his children, Nina and Hugo.

After working as an accountant, human resources assistant, deputy HR director, and payroll manager, he began a career change in 2013 towards a profession that has always attracted him like a magnet.

A successful professional journey rich in diverse and complementary experiences, in contact with winemakers passionate about their craft and their terroir, one of whom, François de CONTI, remains THE significant encounter in this life path.

A farmer and philosopher, an engaged winemaker and herbalist, François de CONTI is an avant-garde pioneer in the use of essential oils that he himself developed for preventive treatments against vineyard diseases. Out of friendship, François shares his knowledge and skills voluntarily with those who wish, and this is how a beautiful friendship was born between two passionate individuals.

Pedagogue, François now accompanies Jorge to share his knowledge about the vineyard as well as winemaking. Alongside this knowledge transfer, François entrusts Jorge with perpetuating the brand of his wines, primarily Château Belles Filles.
With courage, humility, honesty, and passion, one can only accomplish good work.