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Presentation of our collaborative financing project

Main points :

Purchase of shares in SAS 1766.
Issuance of 4,000 shares with a maximum of 10 shares per participant, at a price of €100 per share.
Fund-raising of 400 000€
Bank payment: cheque, bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, via our website or at fairs.
The shareholder's commitment to order 24 bottles per share per year at cost price on the range.
The annual allocation will be tacitly renewed.
One general assembly per year.
Visibility of accounts.
The sale price of allowances will be determined at the annual general              assembly.
The bank settlement deposit will be deposited for the entire duration until the agreed amount is reached.


The steps:

We get to know each other and verify that our respective expectations are in perfect harmony.
A completed and signed application form to be returned to us duly completed and signed in 2 original copies, accompanied by a cheque (if you choose this method of payment), as well as a copy of your identity card (in proof of your age). These steps can be carried out via internet with payment by bank transfer, CB or PayPal.
Upon receipt of these elements, we send your subscription request to the membership board which will validate it within 15 days.
We will then return the receipt of the deposit for the capital and the subscription certificate, so that the membership will be finalized.
You have a 14 days withdrawal period.
In the event of withdrawal or unsuccessful application, SAS 1766 undertakes to reimburse the sums paid in full.
You are a shareholder and you benefit from all the advantages and events planned for you.


Your privileges:

Purchase in allocation at cost price of selected vintages (24 bottles per share), the price of which will be fixed at the annual general assembly, on the proposal of the board of directors.
Withdrawal of wines from the estate and on the French wine fairs where we will be present (cf Where to find us).
If you refer a friend, it will allow you to benefit from a free 6 bottles per new membership.
Every year, all the vintages are reserved primarily for members.
Participation in harvest and vinification workshops for special vintages.
Participation in the Dolium Project “Immersion” day
Possibility of personalized labelling (your name, company, logo, commemoration,...).
The renewal of the membership council.
Participate in the life of the company.
Contribute to heritage conservation.


Fiscal point :

Upon acquisition of the units, a tax deduction is possible on the taxable income of... % of the subscription amount (for individuals only).



What you finance:

Installation of the buyer.
The takeover of SAS 1766.
The growth of the company, which facilitates rapid development.
Restructuring of the vineyard through the planting of new vines.
Improvement of existing buildings and infrastructure development.
The setting up of the Dolium Project.


The future:

-4 additional hectares in production (already planted).
-4 hectares in forecast dedicated to micro-cuvées (4×1 ha).
-Prestigious cuvées matured in amphoras and barrels.
-Plantation of Chasselas and other table grapes.

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