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Château Belles Filles, Château La colline
Organic ?  No, Ultra Organic !!


Our Terroir : Le Périgord Pourpre

The estate is composed of about 50 hectares of land (S. A. U.), including 27 hectares of vines where we produce 4 wines:

  • The A. O. P. Reds

  • An A. O. P. Mellow White Côtes de Bergerac 

  • Our Rosé Pause Tendresse  "L' Interdit des Belles-Filles" V. D. F.

  • The Dry White


The sales turnover over the 18 years of existence increased by 30% on average.


It is in 2017 over 300 k€.

During this period, the company's aim was to invest massively in the equipment and development of the vineyard.

The buildings:

Photos of the whole property and vineyard are coming soon

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